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Make a statement at home: large-leaved Ficus

Looking for a statement plant? If so, you need a large-leaved Ficus! Big, striking leaves, a strong character and a nice addition to the homes of your clients. 

Ficus lyrata

This Ficus has a shiny leaf that looks like a fiddle, that is why this specie sometimes is called the fiddle leaf fig. The visible veins in the leaves create a remarkable relief. In short: an eye-catching Ficus!

Ficus elastica

The Ficus elastica in three words: strong, stylish and stunning. The dark green leaves look almost as strong as rubber, so it is not surprising that its nickname is “rubber plant”. The Ficus elastica grows straight up and therefore does not take up a lot of space. A modest statement plant, indeed.

Ficus cyathistipula

This Ficus is also a real eye-catcher, whether you pick a full or slender version. The big leaves help to maintain the humidity in the house and contribute to air purification. Not only a pretty plant, but also a plant with a handy function!

The Ficus deserves a pot that is as beautiful as the plant itself. Underneath this inspiration blog we have put some recommendations that you can directly order, including the three Ficus species! You can shop our accessories collection online as well as in the GTC, which consists of exuberant and also minimalistic plant pots. 

* Photos in slideshow and banner: Bloemen Bureau Holland

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