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Calathea for the art lovers

The Calathea is a real work of art. It has ornamental leaves, all kinds of beautiful shapes and a few special skills. This plant doesn’t only purify the air, but also manages to keep a strict routine. The Calathea closes its leaves in the evening and opens them again in the morning. If it’s very quiet, you can actually hear the leaves rustle! These are our favourite Calathea artworks. 

Calathea majestica 'Whitestar'

The Calathea majestica 'Whitestar' is a real eye-catcher with an beautiful leaves. The top of the leaves are a radiant white, which is why the plant was nicknamed "Whitestar". These light parts of the leaves are in sharp contrast with the dark green veins and dark purple underside of the leaves.

Calathea sunshine

Another favourite is the Calathea sunshine. This multi-coloured plant has light-yellow accents which make it look very cheery. Just like many other Calatheas, this once’s leaves also have a greenish top and a purple bottom. This plant therefore appears all-green during the day, and transforms into a seemingly all-purple plant during the evening.

Calathea crocata "Tassmania"

Calatheas are mostly known as foliage plants. However, there are also a few flowering varieties. The Calathea crocata "Tassmania" is one of those plants, and perhaps the most radiant of all. Its bright orange flowers stand tall above its dark, green-purple leaves. This striking colour contrast makes the flowers seem like little flames. The plant was therefore nicknamed "Eternal Flame".

These colourful pieces of art are perfect for illuminating dark corners and rooms in any home, since the Calathea prefers a spot in partial shade. Find the described plants directly under the blog. Want to view the full product range? Have a look in the GTC or online

*2nd, 3rd and 4th image: Flower Council Holland