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Ticket to the tropics (in your own garden)

Walking through the unique nature of Costa Rica, enjoying the sun between the citrus trees on a Spanish patio, a cocktail on a Mexican beach or strolling through narrow Greek streets where the bougainvillea blossoms abundantly. We can already hear you thinking: “Yes please! I would love such a sunny trip!” During these uncertain times, booking a ticket is not without doubt and most holiday plans are put on hold for the time being. But don´t worry! This tropical holiday feeling can easily be recreated in your own garden, terrace or balcony. 

Mediterranean palms

Palms; a real must-have for this summer! The Mediterranean palms of Heboplant originally come from sunny places like Mexico, Costa Rica or the Mediterranean, but these palms can also fit perfectly in your garden or terrace. Palms come in different shapes and sizes, but with their fresh green appearance and exotic look, they all provide that wonderful summer feeling. Present different palms together on different levels (use a pillar or turn a bucket upside down) and turn your terrace into a real paradise! 

Some of our favorites? The Trachycarpus Fortunei is the most hardy palm with striking fan-shaped leaves that wonderfully rustle when the wind gently blows through. The Phoenix Canariensis (which comes from the Canary Islands) is also called date palm and loves the sun, but also needs lots of water! If you have a little less space than choose the Chamaedorea, this dwarf palm gives even a small balcony a tropical touch. 


A real sun worshipper, the Bougainvillea. In the Mediterranean you often encounter these beautiful plants in abundance, climbing against whitewashed walls or as a bush on the terrace. Nice to know: the brightly coloured 'flowers' are actually not flowers but bracts that protect the fruit. The more sun the plant receives, the brighter the colour of the bracts becomes. The Bougainvillea is rightly the Mediterranean atmosphere maker for any garden, terrace or balcony! 

Citrus trees

Anyone who loves colour, sweet scents and sun will also love citrus trees. Citrus tree is the collective name for the tub plants such as mandarin, lemon, lime, orange, kumquat and grapefruit. They all look slightly different, but all have strong stems, green crowns and beautiful fruits. The sweet scents of the citrus trees bring you back to the beautiful orchards in the interior of Spain: a top holiday feeling in your own garden! 

Olive trees are nice and easy to combine with citrus trees. With its silver-green leaves and gnarled stem, this plant does particularly well in a pot. This makes it easy to add a touch of southern French allure to your terrace in no time! 

Shop these listed plants directly online. We have selected a number of tropical items below to make it easy for you.