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Staycation in style

The temperature rises, nature shines and you can enjoy your holiday lying in the hammock. And no this year not in a Balinese beach house, on a Mexican beach or on the African Savannah. Just at home, in your own home, garden or balcony. And because that may not sound so adventurous (or sexy)… we choose a staycation this year! But then a staycation in style! What do you need for that? We have listed a number of tips! 

Become one with nature

Natural elements and colors make the garden a relaxed place. A place where you can start the day on a yoga mat. Or for the less fanatic early birds, you can just lounge all day long. Combine large palms (because they rustle so fine) with bromeliads in fresh colors such as yellow and orange. Complement this with traditional handicrafts, pots with tribal patterns and unfinished wooden pots and tables. Do you want to blend inside and outside? Then choose the Rhipsalis. This sturdy pendant provides a real jungle feeling and can also stay outside in the summer. This not only creates a holiday feeling, you also create an environment in which you feel at home.

DIY beach bar

The beach, a cozy beach bar, drinking a cocktail together: it immediately evokes a holiday feeling for most people! Getting the beach to your backyard or balcony might be a bit tricky, that cozy beach bar atmosphere is easily created than you think. Provide a nice place to sit, which you can easily create with some pallets and cheerful cushions. Give the terrace a fresh, colorful look with, for example, lemon-yellow accents and provide a colorful mix of plants. Think of the Fittonia with its beautiful leaf drawings or the Gloriosa with its exotic appearance. As a true sun worshiper, the Opuntia should of course not be missing. Place the cactus in a wicker basket or in brightly colored pots. Have a nice music and your beach bar is ready to serve!

The sky is the limit

If there is one plant that evokes an instant holiday feeling, it is the Musa (or banana plant). Choose an extra-large one to create your own mini jungle. Not that much space or just a balcony? No problem! The dwarf Musa is perfect for smaller spaces. Combine the Musa with yellow Callas (Zantedeschia). With her African roots and beautiful chalices, she immediately attracts attention in the garden. Between all that yellow and green, make sure you have a white sheet and a projector (or just a laptop), wait until dusk, et voilà: your own tropical outdoor cinema is a fact!

Shop the mentioned plants directly online. We have selected a number of summer items below to make it easy for you.