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Celosia: houseplant of July

Flaming torches, narrow spikes or a fairytale comb: the exuberant colors and special flower shapes give the Celosia a striking appearance. A thriving gem for both indoors and outdoors! We have collected some interesting facts about this plant for you … 

Special features

The Celosia offers a bright range. The Celosia plumosa can be recognized by the soft plume in bright colors such as pink, yellow and red, and the Celosia cristata may remind you of a brain! Fun fact: the actual flowers are on the sides of the comb; the comb itself is actually part of the stem.


The symbolism of the plant fits perfectly with its appearance ... the Celosia symbolizes boldness. Want to wish someone some courage for something exciting? Then the Celosia should not be missing in your bouquet! Also an excellent gift: the Celosia in an equally colorful plant pot.

Care facts

• Important: do not place the Celosia near a fruit bowl! Fruit releases ethylene gas, which causes the flowers of the plant to age more rapidly.

• The plant has somewhat softer leaves, which means that they evaporate more moisture. Thus, give the Celosia a bigger sip of water regularly.

• In the summer months, Celosia can also be used outdoors on the balcony or terrace and as an annual garden plant.

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