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Bathroom plants

Not every plant is suitable for an humid and warm space. These are 4 plants that come into their own in the bathroom: 

The Tillandsia: this tropical plant has its roots in Central and South America. The plant absorbs its nutrients from the air. A great idea is to hang this so-called air plant by the sink! 

The Spathiphyllum: this plant – also called the ‘spoon plant’ – is an air purifying plant, which is a reason why it is very suitable to place it in a bathroom. The Spathiphyllum looks lovely in a large pot in the corner of the bathroom, or next to the bath. The plant is available in various sizes. 

The Ficus Pumila: a creeper originating from the Far East. Looks good in line next to each other! Also nice to hang, just like the Tillandsia. 

The Adiantum: a fern with Chinese roots. The plant varies from green-leaved to bronze-colored cultivars. Put the different variations in a simple pot and create a mix of ferns! 

Other plants who are very happy in the bathroom are the more exotic types like StrelitziaMusa and Alocasia for example.

The effect of greenery in the bathroom
There are a number of positive effects of greenery in your bathroom. In addition to the fact that bathroom plants are really trendy at the moment, the plants contribute to creating a calming space. This space full of natural greenery causes less stress hormones in the body. Moreover, plants are said to have a beneficial effect on heart rate and blood pressure. 

Houseplant of the month May: bathroom plants
To get the most out of this greenery, it is advisable to place multiple bathroom plants in this humid room. The plants can be placed in all kinds of ways in the bathroom: hang them along the sink, put them in line next to each other or place one in the corner next to the bath. 

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